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Tea Canisters
Price: $12.00
High in antioxidants. Sweet and refreshing. Keep your tea fresh and tasty!
Hawaiian Natural Tea Gift Set

Fruity with sweet aroma.

Soothing & uplifting. 3 popular flavors in 1

Popular Tea Brands:

Hawaiian Natural Organic Certified Tea

Hawaiian Natural Tea

Each certified organic tea is formulated to be rich in antioxidants and health benefits. Naturally refreshing island tea flavors with local flavors like mango, pineapple, passionfruit, and poha berry. Learn more»

Island EssenceTea

Island Essence Tea

Luxurious moments, everyday pleasures await in every cup of Island Essence Tea. Sip into your own personal vacation and enjoy the exotic flavors and aromas of Hawaii. Learn more»

The Tea Chest Signature Tropical Iced Tea

Signature Tropical Iced Tea

Our Original Blend made with premium Nilgiri black tea was named "Best Iced Tea in America" in a national tea tasting competition in 2004 and is the standard bearer for all our iced teas. Learn more»

A Hawaiian Tea Story:

The Tea Chest Hawaii has been a pioneer in Hawaiian and other gourmet tea since opening 1995. We work with local farmers to use organic certified, natural, and sustainable ingredients to create unique tea products that distinctly represent Hawaii. Our company strives to provide you with exceptional, quality teas that capture the rich tastes and warm traditions of our island home. Learn more»