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An Island Tea Story


   Aloha!  Welcome to The Tea Chest.

 Our passion is for tea with refined taste and a distinct sense of place.

We capture the rich flavors of Hawai'i in the products we make.  Inspiration comes from all around our Island home like vine ripened passionfruit from Manoa Valley, sweet  juicy mango from Grandma's backyard and succulent strawberry guava picked along Wa'ahila Ridge. 

We also carry distinguished teas from international growing regions for your enjoyment and hope to be able to serve you on your personal tea journey.


  Artisanal Purveyors


 Our mission is to craft products that taste great and make people happy.  We select natural, organic and sustainable ingredients so our products are “good for you and good for the planet.”

 Our Original Blend Nilgiri Iced Tea was selected Best Iced Tea in America in a national tasting competition sponsored by the US Tea Association.  The company has been featured nationally on CNN and in Gourmet Magazine, Business Week and Hawaii Magazine.


Farm to Cup 


 We source directly from farms in Hawaii, Japan, India and Taiwan.  Personal relationships with growers like Eliah Halpenny and Dr. Cam Muir (above) of Big Island Tea provide insights of how our tea and other ingredients are cultivated, processed and handled before packing.




Some of the finest chefs, resorts and restaurants select us to be their tea purveyor so it is our responsibility to offer products that deliver a refined culinary experience.  Tastemakers like Chefs Wade Ueoka, Michelle Karr-Ueoka and Brian Nagai trust us with their tea.  We work diligently so you can too.


Building Communi-TEA 


 Part of communi-tea is sharing with others.  We share 'ike (knowledge) of tea with those that serve it.  We hold training classes for Hawaii’s hospitality industry and for the culinary programs of the University of Hawaii.



We started a communi-tea of growers around the state and the U.S. Small Business Administration recognized our efforts to grow tea in Hawaii with a Small Business of the Year award.  Tea and herbals now grow on Maui, Molokai, Oahu, Kauai and the Big Island.  Pictured above is a workshop for our farmers to learn how to grow and harvest tea.



 Our communi-tea is expanding to places like Japan, Canada and Guam.



Communi-tea service includes internships for college students and work with non-profit organizations like the Hawaii Food Manufacturers Association, Le Dames d'Escoffier and the University of Hawaii Cancer Center.


Contact us at info@teachest.com for more information.


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