High Mountain Oolong

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Looking for a delicious everyday oolong that won't break the bank?  High Mountain Oolong is your answer.  Cha-ching!

Made by one of the leading oolong producers in the world, this lightly oxidized oolong from Li Shan has nice floral notes, excellent body and a sweet finish.  Every pot is good for multiple infusions.  

Pro Tips:
Use a small pot or gaiwan.  Brew the first infusion for 3-4 minutes, completely pouring off all liquid when finished.  The second infusion will be the best. Steep leaves again about one minute for a second cup.  Pour off all the tea and repeat for multiple infusions.
Delicious hot and cold
Good for cold brewing
Multiple infusions
High in antioxidants
Moderate caffeine
Cupping Notes:
Taste: floral, sweet
Bouquet: floral
Body: medium
Liquor: green-yellow

Brewing Technique:
Steep: 4-5 minutes
Leaf Amount: 5g to 13 oz water (400 ml)
Water Temp: 195 degrees F (95 C)

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