Jasmine Yin Hao

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A good jasmine tea does not contain any jasmine flowers.  The highest grades of jasmine tea are made with green tea.  Yin Hao is one of the most meticulous styles of scented tea.  The tea leaves and jasmine blossoms never touch.  They are arranged in alternating layers in a hermetically sealed box.  The box is sealed allowing the jasmine blossoms give off their alluring scent for the young tea leaves to absorb.  This process is repeated over 7 days.
This green tea scented with night blooming jasmine is smooth to drink because it is made with young, tender leaves including lots of white tips.
Exceptional grade
Light, airy, uplifting
High in antioxidants
Mild caffeine
Pairs well with food and sweets
Cupping Notes:
Taste: slight sweetness
Bouquet: floral
Body: light
Liquor: golden brown
Caffeine: low
Antioxidants: high
Brewing Technique:
Steep: 2-3 minutes; add more hot water for subsequent infusions
Leaf Amount: one heaping teaspoon per cup
Water Temp: 170 degrees F (77 C)
Ingredients: premium hand picked green tea scented with jasmine flowers
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