Pure Mamaki Tea

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According to the Journal of Food Science, mamaki has therapeutic value in regulating blood sugar, blood pressure and cholesterol.  Drinking Pure Mamaki is a delicious way to maintain much needed daily vitality and stamina plus aid healing and detoxing.  This caffeine free herbal tea contains potassium, magnesium and is high in antioxidants like green tea.  Mamaki also contains rutin which purifies the blood and reduces inflammation.
The tea is easy to drink and is delicious both hot and cold.  It's reminiscent of a Chinese green tea with some earthy nuttiness to it.
Our exclusive 1/4" cut encourages nutrient and flavor extraction.  This tea loves hot, hot water and long steep-times for full infusion.
High in antioxidants
Caffeine free
Contains essential minerals and rutin
Delicious hot and cold
No sugar added
Cupping Notes:

Taste: nutty and earthy
Bouquet: vegetal, straw, light mint
Body: medium light
Liquor: light golden brown to brown
Brewing Technique:
Steep: 5 minutes
Leaf Amount: one heaping teaspoon per cup
Water Temp: 205 degrees F (96 C)

Ingredients: 1/4" cut mamaki


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