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Moana Royale

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Moana Royale is an exclusive regal blend of black tea, colorful flower petals and luscious tropical fruit.  Every sip is grand with Moana Royale. 

Cupping Notes:

Taste: big and fruity
Bouquet: tropical fruit, hint of floral
Body: medium
Liquor: golden brown
Caffeine: moderate
Antioxidants: high
Brewing Technique:
Steep: 3 minutes; subsequent infusions 15-30 seconds
Leaf Amount: one round teaspoon per cup
Water Temp: 195 degrees F (85 C)
Ingredients: organic black tea, organic cornflower, organic marigold, organic safflower, organic rose petals, natural flavoring
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1 Review

Fortunabella Dec 30th 2017

Moana Royale - Superb

This tea is the ultimate!! My absolute favorite :)

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